Club guidelines and protocols in relation to COVID-19

UPDATED: This weekend (Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th) there can only be maximum 300 people at the oval, including players. There will be food and beverage on sale, however there can only be 66 people in the bar area. Food cannot be shared (including half time oranges/lollies for players) and alcoholic beverages need to be consumed sitting down. Please make sure you are socially distancing at all times.

In relation to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are following the latest guidance from the Adelaide Footy League and taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of players and members during trainings and trial games.

As a club, we have decided to commence training from Monday 18th May under very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of all our players. Trainings will only be able to continue under new protocols implemented by the club that align with the SANFL’s Return to Play policy.

We are asking each and every one of you to please read this information carefully and cooperate with us while be navigate these new restrictions.

Spectators and capacity limit

  • 300 capacity over the weekend INCLUDING PLAYERS.
  • Bar limit 66 still for this weekend.
  • Please make sure you are socially distancing at all times.

Food & beverage

  • Sale of food and beverages is permitted however alcoholic beverages to be consumed sitting down
  • There can be no shared food. This includes half time oranges or lollies for players.

Coaches box

  • Density requirements apply in the coaches box and 1.5 spacing to be adhered to
  • Hand sanitiser and sanitising spray will be provided
  • Footys will be sanitised in the breaks


  • Access to changerooms permitted for normal match-day activities (pre-game address, half-time, post-match) but players and essential personnel only – No parents or spectators in the rooms.
  • Players are encouraged to arrive dressed ready to play
  • Get in and get out is encouraged (e.g. no loitering)
  • No warm up activities in the rooms
  • Trainers room still limited to 1 player + 1 trainer
  • No access to showers/wet areas
  • Changerooms to be spot cleaned between user groups (e.g. between junior games, between senior c grade – reserves – A grade) and deep cleaned following each day. Players are not allowed to access the rooms until spot cleaning has been completed in between user groups.

Training is only able to continue under the following conditions:

  • non-contact training, with 1.5m spacing to be maintained at all times. This means no tackling or marking contests and no high fives or hand shakes
  • no access to changerooms or clubrooms – including no access to the trainer’s room. Access will be permitted for 1 person at a time to use the toilet facilities only
  • players will be required to have their temperature taken prior to training and sign their attendance in at a training log.
  • BYO drink bottles, and no sharing of any equipment (other than footys). This means no sharing of towels, yoga mats, fitness equipment etc.
  • All footys to be sanitised BEFORE and AFTER training, with no movement of footys between groups.

Players are all encouraged to get in – train – get out. This means we expect you to come ready and dressed for training, take care of your own strapping and depart immediately upon the conclusion of your training session. There is to be no showering, no massages, no icebaths. We also encourage players to adhere to all general hygiene and sanitation advice including regular hand washing, avoiding touching of the face, covering your mouth cough/sneeze.

Coaches will be in touch with players to advise training times and organise training groups to comply with the new protocols. Please note that it is not compulsory to start training.

The club has worked really hard to put some infrastructure in place to help support these measures at training and minimise any unnecessary crossover. As well as implementing the above training restrictions, we will also ensure:

  • Coaches and officials will undertake an online COVID infection control training and additional SANFL COVID education modules prior to the commencement of training
  • The required public health signage and additional club-specific signage will be installed around the club to clearly demarcate areas for training and gates of entry
  • We will be keeping a record of attendance at each training session
  • All PPE processes will be reviewed
  • We have purchased 2 infrared thermometers for temperature checks and additional PPE for trainers and first aiders
  • We have purchased additional cleaning supplies and briefed our cleaners on the COVID cleaning standards
  • The oval will be divided into 3 training groups, with each group required to arrive and depart from the oval via a specified gate
  • There will be 3 stations set up, one near each group, which will contain hand sanitiser, a warn urn and a sanitising spray for footys. These stations will also give players a space to store their belongings without needing to access the club for anything

We strongly encourage everyone to look through the SANFL’s Return to Play website which is a one-stop repository for all information regarding COVID protocols, training restrictions and resources. We encourage you to take a look at their FAQ section, which will help to answer some questions you may have.

In particular, please note the sanctions for breach of these training protocols, which highlight one of the reasons the club is taking this so seriously, particularly as we have been advised that SAPOL will be monitoring clubs as they return to training from next week:

  • fines of up to $50,000 and 12 months in prison for individuals, and
  • fines of up to $250,000 for clubs.

While we are really excited to return to training, it is not going to be an easy process and we recognise that people may be unwilling or unable to train under these circumstances. Please note, that if you do not feel comfortable training you do not have to.

Furthermore, if you are even the slightest bit unwell we would recommend that you stay away from the club to minimise any risk to other players. We do not know how long we will be required to train under these conditions, but we do know that the better we do at playing by the rules and cooperating, the higher chance we have of resuming normal training and playing some games of footy in 2020. We really appreciate all of your patience and cooperation while we work out these logistics.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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We encourage all players, spectators, officials and committee members to download the COVIDSafe App to help protect the wider community